Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What kind of training and testing do your drivers go through? We have a talented, courteous and knowledgeable group of motorcoach operators. Upon accepting an application to drive, we subject each Driver to a thorough training process, including but not limited to: strict log-book instruction, pre/post trip inspection, safe driving standards & requirements, over-the-road testing with our Company Trainer – a driving veteran of 23+years. All of our motorcoach operators are required to possess a Commerical Drivers License (CDL) with both air brake & passenger endorsements; with a clean driving record. The US Department of Transportation requires specific drug/alcohol testing for all motorcoach operators and our company fully complies with pre-employment testing as well as random-selection for the duration of employment with us.

  • How much do you charge for a tour? Each charter quote is based on the individual trip details… Time or miles involved according to a provided itinerary, as well as road tolls, parking fees, overnight expenses, etc all factor in to a tour cost. For this reason, we prefer to speak directly with your group leader, via phone -through email-or even in person, to properly & accurately be able to provide a price quote.

  • What happens if the bus breaks down during our trip? Our equipment is well-maintained & fully inspected prior to each departure… but unforeseen problems can occur. Should your group experience a mechanical issue while traveling with us, we will strive to correct any problem as soon as possible and get your group back on schedule in the safest, most efficient method. Our company has worked with many other charter-operators throughout the US & Canada provinces and have a network of repair facilities and buses we can count on to assist for any possible issue anywhere along your route.

  • Is a gratuity required for your drivers? We do not include any gratuity in the total bus cost for your tour and do not require such an act for our services. Some groups choose to ‘pass the hat’; set a percentage amount based on the bus cost; go with “$1 per head”or a simple flat amount (i.e. $50)… Please be assured that any offer of a gratuity will be appreciated both by your driver and by Mitchell Motorcoach, as it suggests that we have taken good care of your group.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • How many passengers will your buses hold?  We have two sizes of motorcoaches in our fleet… 48 seats or 56 seats. One of our 56-passenger size coaches also has a wheelchair lift, and is able to safely secure up to 2 wheelchairs, allowing for 48 additional passengers; or 1-chair with 52 additional passengers. We also have one standard size motorcoach with seating capacity for a smaller group of up to 40 passengers, including 34 front-facing seats, 2 couches & 4-seats around a table (area).

  • How do I know if your company is a safe choice for my traveling group? In order to operate as a Charter Bus Company within/beyond the State of Michigan… a “Certificate of Authority” must be issued. This certificate can not be issued without proof of liability insurance, currently a minimum of $5million in coverage. Also, all buses are subjected to and must pass an annual safety inspection, performed by the State of Michigan. You can find a list of ALL charter bus companies with this operating authority at – Bus & Limo Licensing. You can also view our safety rating with the Federal Motorcoach Carrier Safety Association, but visiting:  We pride ourselves on compliance with all federal & state regulations and offer our clean, well-maintained and professionally operated motorcoaches for each trip.

  • What do you require for a deposit? When is full payment due? What is your cancellation policy? Upon booking, we send you two copies of our contract – a charter order. We ask that you sign the confirmation copy and return it to our office shortly after receipt along with a $100 or 10% deposit (whichever is greater). Two weeks prior to your departure date is when the final payment is due. We will accept any portion of payment at any time from the time of booking. ALL Total Charges are subject to your final itinerary… any changes in locations, time, bus size, etc may alter the total amount due for that tour.

    Certain times of the year are very busy for the charter bus business, for example: if you are interested in booking during the Spring or early Fall, we ask that you consider your plans at least 6 months ahead of time to assure availability.

    If you find that you must cancel your contract with us, please notify us by email or phone in a timely manner. Again, with the certain times of year when we are heavily booked, notice of cancellation at least 30 days prior is appreciated, however, should not result in any fee or kept deposit. We do reserve the right to charge a show-up fee if our driver has reported for duty – left their home for his/her day’s work scheduled or if they arrived at the pick up point, only to find no group to pick up.

  • Can we smoke on the bus? Are food & beverages allowed? For the comfort of all passengers, we do not allow smoking on our motorcoaches. Any group may incorporate smoke breaks along the route, this option will be at the discretion of your group leader and could affect your travel time. You are welcome to provide food & beverages for your groups onboard our motorcoach, with the understanding that you are responsible for any trash and additional mess that could occur. Chartering groups who wish to bring alcoholic beverages onboard our buses… must adhere to our company policies (we reserve the right to deny admittance of alcohol for any traveling group, at our discretion) and must provide a $200 clean up deposit prior to trip departure. This deposit is refundable by our Wash Crews approval.

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